In Loving Memory of
Anne Maureen Hartman

February 10, 1975 - August 30, 1988



Survived by
Her Adopted parents
Her Birthmother Brenda
Justin,Jim, Nathan & Carol Anne

This memorial is dedicated to Anne Maureen Hartman, whose life was taken from us at the age of 13 by someone who was driving and not paying attention.

They that love beyond the world
cannot be separated by it.
Death cannot kill
what never dies.
William Penn

Annie Hartman

Annie's Memorial Website

In Loving Memory of
Justin Tandan Schumacher

February 25, 1980 - July 25, 1996



Survived by
His mother Brenda, StepFather David
Siblings Jim, Nathan & Carol Anne
He was preceded in death by his sister, Annie in 1988.

Don't think of them as gone away,
their journey has just begun.
Life holds so many facets, this earth is only one.

Just think of them as resting from
the sorrows and the tears,
in a place of warmth and comfort,
where there are no days and years.

Think of how they must be wishing
that we could know, today,
how nothing but our sadness
can really pass away.

And think of them as living
in the hearts of those they touched
for nothing loved is ever lost
and they were loved so much.

Author: Anonymous

This memorial is dedicated to, Justin Tandan Schumacher, whose life was cut short, at the age of 16, by a drunk driver

Justin Schumacher

Justin's Memorial Website

In Loving Memory of
Dustin Lee Fitzer

August 24,1976~July 3,1995



Survived by
His parents Irene and Ray
Two brothers Terry, Ron
Three sisters Yvonne, Leslie, Becky
Six nephews Trent, Briton, Braden,
Nicholas, Bryson, Bailey
One niece Alexandria
and his paternal grandmother Cleo

The day he was taken to be with the angels,
he was doing what he loved best.
He was at the lake with his
girlfriend, family and friends.
He was being towed behind the boat
on an innertube and was ejected from it.
His head struck the rocks
near the base of the dam.

A message To Dustin

Mothers day has come and gone
Another year for me to long
For the comfort of your voice
For me there is no other choice
But to set hear on earth
That is a place with out mirth
and wait until the day
I hear the good Lord say
"Welcome home, Dustin is here"
"and waiting to draw you near"
To guide you through the pearly gates
and to all the joys that awaits
for you and him to share
When its your time to arrive there
It will be a joyous day here above
filled with lots of hugs and love
so, until the day I call
Be kind below to all
For soon I'll come to you
As you always knew I'd do
and welcome you to heaven above
and surround you with so much love
Untill that time have no fear
For I am always near.

Love you very much mom

Dustin Fitzer

Dustin's Memorial Website

In Loving Memory of
Andrew C. Hooker

December 10, 1996 - January 9, 2001



Son of Craig and Doris
Brother of Megan

God created the heavens and the wind in the trees
He gave us sun in the morning and the big bumble bees
After all this beauty, God still wasen't through
So he created a angel, and named him Andrew

Andrew came to us one day in December
A small fragil angel we'd always remember
This Little one needed so much just to live
No one could image how much he would give

This small little Angel showed us a way
To find the joy of living each and everyday
Asking the question "What is your name?"
Forever our lives were never the same.

Please stop by Andrew's website
and read the complete poem.

Andrew C. Hooker

Andrew's Memorial Website


In Loving Memory of
Todd "Hayes" Kent

March 14, 1985 - January 27, 2002



Hayes is survived by
His parents Scott & Beth Hall
and Todd & Jennifer Kent
His sisters Bethany Hall and Julia Kent

His grandparents Joe & Sheila White
Harry & Nancy Jones
E.W. & Neil Kent
Billy & Judy Hall
and Ronnie & Sue Elder

His great grandparents CB & Belle Mangum

Dedicated in memory of our 16 1/2 year old
son who was killed in a car accident.


The best and most beautiful things in the
world cannot be seen or even touched.
They must be felt with the heart.
Helen Keller


Todd "Hayes" Kent

Hayes's Memorial Website


In Loving Memory of
Christopher Ronald Faller

May 7, 1990 - March 24, 1998



Christopher is Survived by

His Parents Maria and Ron
Siblings Rachel and Mark

He was definitely our miracle child. He refused to give in to the heart disease. He was the joy of our lives. But you would never have known he was sick just looking at him or talking with him.

The life of one person cannot be measured in time
The impact of a life cut so short
should be shared with all
So we can help those left behind
heal their broken hearts
Time will be what is needed now --
to remember Christopher --

Read the rest of this beautiful poem
at Christopher's Website
Written by my cousin Tina,
and she read this at
Christopher's funeral mass.

Christopher Faller

Christopher's Memorial Website

In Loving Memory of
David James Ryan

July 7, 1971 - August 13, 1999



D.J. is Survived by

His Wife Staci
His Children Alex, Ashley and Kassey

His Parents Donna Ryan and David Ryan
His siblings Christopher and Christina

Just 5 days after D.J. passing...
his brother Chris followed him to Heaven.

D.J. was a very special young man.
He loved his wife and his children.
He also loved his mom, his dad (David),
and his sis, Christina

David James Ryan

D.J.'s Memorial Website

In Loving Memory of
Christopher Lee Ryan

September 25, 1980 - August 18, 1999



Christopher is survived by
His Parents Donna Ryan and David Ryan
His sister Christina

Christopher was preceeded in death by his brother D.J. 5 days earlier.

Christopher enjoyed snowboarding, mountain climbing (rock climbing), mountain bike riding, playing computer games with his brother, D.J., paintball gun fighting, all kinds of fun things. And hanging out with his "buds" !

Christopher Lee Ryan

Chris's Memorial Website

In Loving Memory of
Mae Dockery

December 18, 1904 - July 14, 2002



Mae was 97
Mother of 7 daughters
and 3 sons numerous great and
great great children

Mae was preceeded in death by
Her husband, Sister,
a Son and a Daughter

We do not need a special day to bring you to our minds.
The days we do not think of you are very hard to find.
Each morning when we awake we know that you are gone.
And no one knows the heartache as we try to carry on.
Our hearts still ache with sadness and secret tears still flow.
What it meant to lose you no one will ever know.
Our thoughts are always with you, your place no one can fill.
In life we loved you dearly; in death we love you still.

Mae Dockery

Mae's Memorial Website



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