Sweet Angel of Compassion
You heard our heartfelt pleas
Asking for your presence
We're down on bended knees

Watching so much sorrow
Each day will just bring more
Hold us with your loving wings
Saddened hearts implore

Come and hold us closely
We need you by our side
Comfort and console us
With dawn each day we cry

We need your gentle softness
To help us all get through
Know you are a gift of God
His mission just for you

Overwhelmed with love now
You've come to us this day
Gentle soft sweet whispers
Your floral gift's sachet

Flowers in the breeze you bring
They fall from heaven's light
Gift of love you're sending now
Compassion through the night.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©used with permission
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In Loving Memory of
Tia Shuri Townsend

March 3, 1991 - March 28, 2002

Tia was struck by a car and killed
as she was crossing the street,
in a crosswalk, on her way to school.

Daughter of David Townsend and Karen Gangi

"Tia, we love and miss you so very much.
You are always in our hearts.
You will always be our Precious Angel."

Tia's Memorial Website

In Loving Memory of
James Kristopher "Kris" Jernigan

May 20, 1986 - November 17, 2002

Kris died in an automobile accident at the age of 16

Son of James Jernigan

Cathy and Raymond Espino

Brother of Zachariah, Ana
and Philip

"He is more alive now than he ever was on earth. I can see more clearly now the loving kindness of the God that created this universe. For the God that created this universe, the God that controls the sun, the moon, the stars, the God that sets up kingdoms and puts leaders into place, is the same God that called my son's name and lovingly, ever so lovingly, saved his soul."

These beautiful words were written by Cathy...please stop by her website and get to know Kris....and how much he is loved and missed.

Kris's Memorial Website

In Loving Memory of
Bradley Taylor Thornton

Feb.13th 1986 - June 8th 2003

Beloved son of Ernest and Kris
Beloved brother of Gregory
Beloved nephew of Mike

Late on a rainy Saturday night June 7th, 2003, Bradley and his friend Keith were passengers in a car that was traveling to fast. The driver, a teenager lost control of the car before entering a curve. The car slid over 265 feet, hit a tree, spun around and then caught fire. Bradley and Keith didn't make it out.

Bradley's Memorial Website

In Loving Memory of
Larry Lee Stacey Hughes

Oct. 29, 1983 - May 31, 1998

Stacey was murdered at a friends house.

Survived By Mother Cheryl Blevins
Father Larry Hughes
Stacey's Grandfather Roy Blevins
Grandmother Shirley Eangle
Aunt Delores and Uncle Curtis

I know we all grieve everyday
But God will help us all
With our pains and grief
Remember someday we will be
in Heaven with our Children God Bless you all.
Written by Cheryl Stacey's Mom

One of Stacey's Website

In Loving Memory of
Chad Phillip Pendergrass

September 21, 1972 ~ June 10, 1986

Chad lost his courageous battle to cancer
at the age of 13

Son of Phil & Carole Pendergrass
Brother of Audrey

"Grief remains one of the few things
that has the power to silence us.
It is a whisper in the world
and a clamor within."

Chad's Memorial Website

In Loving Memory of
Marcus Vincent Nazir

September 18, 1995 ~ January 14, 2004

Son of Teresa

They always used to say to each other
"I love you to the power of infinity……
and beyond."

Marcus's Memorial Website

In Loving Memory of
William John "Billy" Kayser

May 27, 1986 - April 3, 2003

Son of James & Diane Kayser
Brother of James, Joseph,
Thomas and Robert

"Billy, You are Forever in our Hearts"

Billy's Memorial Website

In Loving Memory of
Randy George Black

January 27 1972 - July 31 2003

Survived by his Mother
His Children
and his sister Dawn
Randy was preceeded in death by his Father.

When you least expect it,
something a bit of music,
a familiar scent
will bring a memory to mind
In that moment, you know
that a link remains
a bridge from the past
to the future
And you'll know
that the life you loved
in some way, goes on forever.

Randy's Memorial Website




Jason's Friends In Heaven