No more fear for I am here
Showing you the way that's clear
Upon the clouds within the glow
Softness you will come to know

Gentleness of heaven's wing
Glory in the song we sing
Choir of the Angel's song
Welcomes you where you belong

Beloved one I'm here for you
Visions that will now come true
Fields of flowers blessed each day
Fragrance that will always stay

Whispers of a gentle breeze
Upon the walk you take with ease
Join me in this Blessed place
God and loved ones all embrace

I see you now your almost here
Reaching down to ease your fear
Kissed upon your furrowed brow
All that heaven will allow

Love and joy within God's Home
Joy and peace in Heaven's Gloam
Soft horizon way on high
Peace now comes with gentle sigh.

Poet:  Francine Pucillo
İFeb., 2003



In Loving Memory of
Rachel Erin Mann

July 16, 1983-January 23, 1990

Little Girl, Who Ran On Wheels
Will Dance Forever
In The Memories Of Our Hearts

Rachel is survived by
Her parents David and Karen
Her sisters Abby and Kristen

"Her little girl giggle used to ring out like bells in our house. It's the thing i remember most about her."

Rachel's Memorial Website

In Loving Memory of Anya Michelle Braxley

May 29, 1980 - May 14, 2002

Daughter of Brenda Braxley
Sister of Tony Braxley
Loving Mother of Briana Brookins

We miss you more and more every day.
You are always in our Hearts.

Anya Michelle Braxley Website

In Loving Memory of
Shane Short

July 17, 1972 - March 10, 1995

Shane is survived by
His Mom Donna
And Brother Shawn

Heaven is sweeter with you there,
Always missed and loved,
Mom and Shawn

Shane's Memorial
Two Can Do Anything if ONE Is GOD!
When your life isnt filled with roses,
Remember who wore the thorns

In Loving Memory of
Jason Ramirez

November 3, 1984 - November 28, 2002

Jason is survived by
His Mom Deanna
And Brother Daniel

Jason's Memorial
If only I could know You're safe & don't need me.
If only I could feel You're where you want to be.

If Only I could say I love you just once more
If only I could look into Heaven's Open door.

Though I'll never be whole again. I might one day learn to live.
If you could give me a sign.... I may once again forgive.

But, what do I do with life? I can't put on a pretense.
I was lost the day you went away.... I've been lost ever since.

So if only I could know that you're safe & don't need me.
I may feel a sense of peace. And somehow find serenity.
Written by: Kaye Des'Ormeaux

In Loving Memory of Mary P. Ladesic

May 19,1935 - April 17,2004

Mary is survived by
Her husband William Ladesic
Loving Mother of
Robert, Paul and Michelle
10 Grandchildren and 4 Great-GrandChildren
Mary is also survived by 3 sisters

Somewhere in the universe
a star shines just for you,
sending out its loving warmth,
sharing its healing light.

My mother was a wonderul person..She was so giving,
giving of herself and most of all,
I would have to say she was the most unselfish person
I have ever met.. she not only did for those
of us in her family, she gave to strangers.
She adopted families throughout the year to help them with things
they needed, for those less fortunate then her,
she also adopted families at Christmas, but didnt think she should only
remember those in need at Christmas. She was always the first one
to jump in when there was a need,
she would give of herself as well, she would go to those
that were sick and sit with them, care for them,
take them to drs. appointments, go to the store for them,
or whatever they needed..
Written by Daughter Michelle
No Website At This Time

In Loving Memory of Brittany Rivera

Born December 1990 ~ Taken to heaven March 5,1994

Brittany is survived by
Her Parents Sarah and Chris
Sister Stephanie
Granddaugter of Thelma and Len

How fortunate we are that in our hearts
we keep forever the memories
of those we love....
and time we shared together.

Brittany stopped breathing when she was 5 months.
The paramedics revived her but they were
to late she suffered severe brain damage.
She lived longer than anyone expected she would.
she was very strong she passed in her sleep years later.

Brittany's Memorial

In Loving Memory of Kristen Elizabeth Goodman

November 1,1982 - June 20,2004

Daughter of Ronny Goodman and Janice Goodman

Our Angel in Heaven,
lives on in the hearts of those that love her.

How fortunate we are that in our hearts
we keep forever the memories
of those we love....
and time we shared together.

Krissy's Memorial

In Loving Memory of Laurie Michelle Baer

October 31, 1976 ~ December 4, 1992

Laurie is survived by her parents
Shirley and Eddie Baer

Laurie passing was from
a congenital heart defect.

The times we spent together are like fleeting moments.
Sometimes it seems like only yesterday
that I held you and kissed you.
Other times it feels like forever since I held you
in my arms, heard you laugh,
braided your long brown hair.
Sometimes it feels like it really never happened,
like you were never here.

Written by Shirley...Laurie's Mom

Laurie's Memorial
"if love could cure,she never would have died"

In Loving Memory of Tim Daniel Kincaid

September 7, 1984 ~ April 13, 2001

Son of Phyllis Pritchett

"My World ,My Life,
The very inner being of ME.
Thank You SO Much"

Tim's Memorial

Jason's Friends In Heaven